Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Market

Alot of people say black market is a scam. I agree. They do scam you. But it's not a tottal lie. I am an employee of black market, and I know how to get you the furniture. I know the creators, and I help them sell and advertise black market. So if you want some furniture, DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORUMS ON THE BOTTOM OR WITH THE E-MAIL ADRESSES! DO NOT USE PAYPAL! What you need to do, is request the catalog, and i will instruct you on how to get the items you want. Simply tell me the number (#) of the product you want, sent the cr to the BOSS, and out of each purchase, 2,000 credits go to me. The boss is jillybin. Yes she is a Mistress, and that is why she makes all these wild crazy sex poses.